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The Kozhikode District Co-Operative Hospital (KDCH) is an award-winning multispecialty hospital in the cooperative sector committed to provide quality health care to the people of Kerala at an affordable cost. In our relentless effort to provide quality care, we have deemed Medical Education to be of prime importance and has been committed to provide quality Medical Education by running recognized courses in various specialities. Since 2004, the KDCH School of Nursing has been graduating highly trained nurses under the guidance of eminent faculty. In 2021, the National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences (NBEMS), New Delhi has accredited the Kozhikode District Co-Operative Hospital with 2 seats in DNB General Medicine and 2 seats in DNB Orthopaedics (1 – DNB Post MBBS & 1 – DNB Post Diploma). Our Mission is to educate and inspire a diverse group of leaders in medicine and science who will improve human health through discovery, innovation, education, and the delivery of outstanding patient-centered care.

DNB Program



Number of seats 1
Number of patient beds 30
Average out-patient load 20000 / year
Average in-patient load 2000 / year
Average no.of procedures 6000


Dr. K.Vinayachandran Nair MD,DM,FACG Senior Consultant
Dr. T.M.Ramachandran MD,DM Senior Consultant
Dr. Adarsh Rajendran.P MD,DM,ESEGH(UK) Senior Consultant
Dr. Shemin Shah.A MD,DM Consultant

DNB General Medicine


Number of seats 2
Number of patient beds 60
Average out-patient load 26,000 / year
Average in-patient load – 2200 / year


Dr Arun Sivasankar MD Senior Consultant
Dr Balagopal V.K MD Senior Consultant
Dr Dhanraj P MD Junior Consultant

Non-Faculty Doctors in the Department

Dr Sudheer M MD Senior Consultant
Dr Krishnasree MD Consultant

DNB Orthopaedics


Number of seats 1 DNB Post MBBS and 1 DNB Post Diploma
Number of patient beds 100
Average out-patient load 36,000 / year
Average in-patient load 2500 / year
Average no: of major surgeries 3275 / year
Average no: of minor surgeries 6475 / year


Dr Shyam Prasad D ORTHO, MS, DNB, MNAMS Senior Consultant
Dr Salvin E John D ORTHO, DNB. Senior Consultant

Non-Faculty Doctors in the Department

Dr C K Narayanankutty Panicker Senior Consultant
Dr Krishnakumar C M Senior Consultant
Dr Suhanesh Haridas Senior Consultant
Dr Reju V K Consultant
Dr Anwar A Consultant
Dr Sujith Rao Consultant Spine Surgeon


The selection of candidates for the NBEMS courses shall be through the Centralized Merit Based Counseling. Details of conduct of counseling, eligibility, schedule, seat matrix, venue, fee, procedure etc. are notified time to time on NBEMS website. There is no other admission methodology except that prescribed by NBEMS.


0495 – 2709300 ,

NBEMS Program Coordinator / SPoC of the Hospital:

Dr Midhun Mohan N (HOD, Emergency Medicine)


Lecture Hall
Skill training & Simulation based Learning
Grievance Redressal Committee:

Any grievance related to NBEMS training shall be attended by this committee. However, if the complainant is not satisfied with the decision of the hospital Grievance Redressal Committee, such matters along with minutes of the meeting(s) of Grievance Redressal Committee of the concerned accredited hospital shall be forwarded to NBEMS for further adjudication in the matter.


S.No Members Role
1 Prof. Abdul Latheef Chairman
2 Dr Sudheer M (HOD, General Medicine) Member Member
3 Dr C.K.N Panicker (HOD, Orthopedics) Member
4 Dr Arun Sivasankar (Medical Superintendent) Member
5 Dr Midhun Mohan N (NBEMS Program Coordinator) Member
6 Representative of NBEMS trainees Member
7 Professor at a Govt. Medical College Member

Nursing School

The Kozhikode District Co-Operative Hospital got permission to start the School Of Nursing from Kerala Nurses and Midwives Council after the meeting called by the Registrar on 12/12/2003. The Order was issued on 17th Dec 2003 (Order No:G4545/03/NC dated 17/12/2003). The School of Nursing started functioning with the full strength of faculties in the 4th floor of KDCH, with the strength of 20 selected candidates on 28/01/2004. On may 3rd 2004, the first batch student’s lamp lighting was conducted.

In the Month Of August 2004-05, Indian Nursing Council(INC) Inspection was held and got sanctioned Order for 20 seats. After the seat enhancement INC Inspection we have currently 30 approved seats. The School Of Nursing began functioning in January 28th, 2004 with a yearly intake of 20 students which has now been extended to 30 seats. We have formed a well-defined PTA Unit as per the recommendations from the Kerala Nurses And Midwives Council. It consists of the PTA President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and 5 executive members. We also have a excellent and dynamic SNA Unit with one SNA advisor and five executive members. They have organized and participated in various cultural programmes and sports events held at School And Zonal Levels. Our school is on its road to success with the kind co-operation and support rendered by our management, various departments functioning under KDCH, faculty and our active students.

Observership Program

We have been offering observership programs for undergraduates and post-graduates who are undergoing or have undergone training from medical institutes in India and other countries. Till now, more than hundred students seeking clinical exposure and medical knowledge from experts, have utilized this program and we are extremely happy to continue this contribution in the field of medical education.


Continuing Medical Education (CMEs) has an important role in updating medical knowledge of clinicians to ensure standard of care treatment to the patients. KDCH has been organizing high quality annual CMEs named ‘SANJEEVANI’ with this vision.

Lecture Series

  • Reviving Women with Enhanced Surgery
  • Management of Venous Thromboembolism
  • Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C)
  • Pontine and Extrapontine Myelinolysis – Case Presentation
  • An unusual case of weakness with Acute Renal Failure
  • Neurological Implications of COVID-19 Vaccines


  • PALS
  • Airway
  • Mechanical Ventilation
  • Burns & Wounds Management
  • Fracture and Dislocation Management